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We provide a wide range of solutions and support packages to business and education.

Let us keep an eye on all areas of your business, not just the IT!



We always aim to find out why things are as they are, quite often this is due to simply sticking to what has always been done, without considering the possibilities of changing to enable more efficient ways of working. IT has a massive impact on all areas of a business, in education there has always been a focus on the curriculum and helping teachers to deliver it. Whilst this is highly important, there hasn’t been a focus on the wider picture when it comes to productivity, workflow and getting things done. This has created a very chaotic environment to work in, especially in education with many senior leaders simply not having any time to be creative, visionary and often become disillusioned about the future vision for their school. Budgets are becoming ever tighter in business and education, without a clear strategic plan in place, it therefore becomes an impossible task to be able to look at new technology or other resources and facilities that will help drive the business forward.


What can be done to overcome any signifiant barriers to change. We will look at all areas that need addressing. This can be anything from assisting with solution contracts such as photocopiers, telecoms and internet connections. There are many senior leaders and business managers who simply do not have the time or the broader understanding of how solutions can impact on other areas of the business. iNam Concepts is able to take away these pressures by carrying out the research and providing a thorough report to allow an informed decision to be made. Any business will have so many areas that require a solution of some sort, this is where we can help save valuable time and reduce workload.



A proactive approach to service and solution delivery will ensure that everything is preventatively maintained to enable a culture of nurturing and end user development and support rather than a never ending repair cycle. 


The simple steps below highlight the main processes:


  1. Asset Management to help identify where the business stands at the present time.

  2. Strategic Planning to take into account the information from the Asset life cycle to produce an annual plan and budget proposal.

  3. Research and provide costs for all solutions required. Engage in a tendering exercise for best value and transparency.

  4. Supply and project manage all solutions, with a planned maintenance support agreement along with staff training where required.

Selection of packages on offer:


  • Annual contracts ranging from ½ day to multiple days per week. 

  • Monthly remote support package subscriptions with on site options as required.

  • Consultancy work based on hourly rate or per day depending on customer requirements.

  • Starter bundle days available depending on services required.

  • IT Solutions, whatever you’re looking for, just ask!

  • We are flexible, ask us anything, we’re here to help!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.