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Education Support
"Always put teaching first. Technology should not be the starting point for any decisions."

Using technology effectively, taken from 'Ways to reduce workload in your schools' (Department  for Education March 2019)

IT plays a massive part in everyday life and has dramatically changed the way we communicate, make purchases, access information and even socialise. To make an impact on pupil engagement, attainment and wellbeing, the best IT solutions must be simple and must help you achieve your objectives rather than what the technology itself can do.

There are many significant barriers that schools must overcome in order to successfully embrace and embed IT solutions in a sustainable and effective way.

The main four significant barriers are:

  1. Vision for change

  2. Staff

  3. Budget

  4. Infrastructure

Vision for change

"We've always done it that way" 

If this is how things continue to be done, nothing will change, the outcomes will always be the same. 

We always start the conversation with your staff and school improvement plan as the main focus. There are so many solutions available, many are free for education, we can help devise a plan to embed your vision in the pedagogy of the school.


Your most expensive resource! The workload and wellbeing of your staff is of the highest importance. Technology can help with the everyday business communication and encourage collaboration across the whole team. iNam Concepts always work with every member of the school team, from site manager through to senior leaders to help support the smart use of systems and devices across the school, not just with the teaching and learning but the wider use of admin and planning.


School budgets are not improving, uncertainty with government funding and policies has forced many schools to retain the technology they have had for many years or try to replace items as they fail. Our experience over the past 12 years in education has shown that with a robust asset management system in place, this will allow you to strategically plan a sustainable refresh of all your school resources, not just IT devices etc. We can help you develop the asset management system, identify the life cycle of your current systems and resources to produce a long term budget forecast. We also provide reports to the governing body based on the ongoing status of all your assets in school.


There have been many stories in the media about failed deployments of devices. Comments being made that the devices haven't worked and an alternative one will be sought and implemented. The main reason why many of these deployments fail is not the fault of any articular brand of device, the performance problem is directly related to the infrastructure 'The Plumbing' of the school. If the internet connection, wifi and associated network switches etc are not capable of supporting a larger number of modern devices, the web based systems the devices rely on will fail due to the infrastructure not having the capacity. iNam Concepts can help identify these issues before any decisions are made in regard to cloud services and devices. 

The ongoing support of IT is essential, it's imperative that your support provider is proactive by implementing a preventative maintenance schedule so that everything on a day to day basis just works and is as simple as possible. Once our support system is up and running, most contact that is made is for ongoing staff support to get the best use out of devices, not for fixing issues. The regular on site visits can then also be used for wider support and training rather than fire fighting issues. 

We offer a variety of support packages depending on the scale of the school and devices. Remote access and cloud managed solutions allow a quicker anytime response and also allow for much of the preventative maintenance / development work to be carried out off site.

Contact us today so we can arrange a no obligation conversation to discuss your requirements.

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